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    Organizing Photos in LR


      I am attempting to migrate to LR from Picasa.  In LR all folders are sorted alphabetically.  But all my photos from my iPhone go into subfolders within a folder named iCloud Photos.  I want to modify names to reflect date taken but all the iCloud Photos will stay in subfolder.  How can I solve this?

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Edit: Do you want to re-name photos or folders?


          If you must rename the photos

          Select them all in the folder (Ctrl+A),  Press F2  (keyboard Function 2),  Click the Drop-down menu at the end of the File-Naming box, Select "Edit" from the menu.

          This opens the File re-naming template editor where you can construct how the renames will look by inserting data appropriate-

          And use "Date" to add to the file name.   (the metadata drop-down menus provide many options)


          Do a test and practice on one or two files before you rename the whole folder.





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