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    Issue with drag and drop can anyone could help me?


      Im developing a new website called tabla magnetica, every design for this project was created with Photoshop CS 6, from banners , backgrounds, etc. Today i am having an issue using PS.


      When i open my saved projects everything works fine, but when i start a new one example: create a new banner layer, or illustration the program itself gives me and error each time a want to  drag and drop files from my computer to photoshop.


      The second issue is like this: Let's say im start to design a project, so after a while suddenly, the program crashed and gives me error with "The scrath disk are full"

      wich is fustrating because after 1 h of work, everything goes down and i need to make it back again.


      I have tried to reinstall the software but same issue.



      Kindly Regards,

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          Bahaar Khan Level 4
          • The Photoshop scratch disk is your hard drive. Photoshop uses your hard drive as temporary "swap" space, or virtual memory, when your system does not have enough RAM to perform an operation.
          • If you only have one hard drive or partition in your computer, then the scratch diskwill be the drive where your operating system is installed (the C drive on a Windows system).
          • You can change the scratch disk location and add multiple scratch disks from Photoshop Preferences (File menu > Preferences > Performance).
          • If you're getting an error message that the scratch disk is full, it usually means you need to clear some space on whatever drive is defined as the scratch disk in Photoshop Preferences, or add additional drives for Photoshop to use as scratch space.
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            roberto96731269 Level 1

            If the PS is installed on partition C: should i change the disk location in another partition with more space?. The problem is right now i should reinstall the OS at my workplace and repartition the hard disk again.


            After that the issue with drag and drop it will be solved? Or i will need to make another setting afterwards?


            Kindly Thanks,