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    Animation of logo on website


      Hi. I hope that someone can help me with animation. I am due to creating any animation and I am looking for something basic. I would like to have my logo on the header of my website   Somehow slide onto the page for span onto the page. Is that possible? If so, does anyone know a good tutorial to follow? If it's possible will the file size big big slow my website now?

      https://destinpropertyexpert.com/santa-rosa-beach-real-estate/   I was  unable to find anything that made this step-by-step and more of a animation for dummies. Thanks for the help!


      Danny Margagliano

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          Not really an AE question, I'm afraid. Yes, the animation can be created in AE, but how you get it on your web site is another matter. Aside from good old animated GIFs, all video on the web entails dealing with embedding and providing the video in alternate resolutions and formats for different devices and screen sizes. In your case in my opinion it's a typical case of "Why bother?" since there's really nothing that would require video tools. Instead you might want to look into Animate CC and create an animated SVG or create something using native HTML, CSS and jQuery. In any case, it touches upon more than just creating a snazzy video banner in AE, including file size and bandwidth considerations like you already brought them up, especially for mobile users. It is a doubtful that you will create a one-stop tutorial for everything, but based on the clues I provided you should find enough to read and watch. As far as AE would be concerned, this is basic keyframe animation of separate layers and then exporting/ rendering using the right specs. You can find plenty of info on that, too. Feel free to ask more specific questions if you have a clearer picture of what you are possibly going to do.