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    More info required AutoUpdateInterval mms.cfg




      I've read the administration guide for Flash 24 and require some more information on using AutoUpdateInterval within the mms.cfg.


      I'm hoping to use background updates and delay notification updates for as long as possible.  So that the chances of a notification update happening before the background update completes are minimal or non-existent. I'm aware that specifying an internal server for the background updates will stop the notification updates completely, but for organisational reasons I can't do this.


      My questions are:


      Q1: What is the maximum number of days I can specify for AutoUpdateInterval?


      Q2: If I specify the maximum amount of days at install e.g AutoUpdateInterval=365 When will the user receive their first notification update? In 365 days? On the first day of install and then in 365 days? Or is the first notification update randomised within a set time period? e.g. Within 7 days of install and then 365 days after the first notification update? 


      The mms.cfg I'm hoping to run with is:









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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          Hi steve99079451 ,


          For question 1: There currently is no maximum number set.  You should be able to use what you're proposing.

          For question 2: AutoUpdateInterval setting over-writes the default setting of 7 days, so whatever number is entered here is what Flash Player will use for the number of days to lapse before an update check is performed.  Flash Player does not check for an update at time of installation.  If AutoUpdateInterval is set to 365, then Flash Player will check for an update 365 days later after installation


          Your proposal should achieve what you are attempting to accomplish as Background Updates checks for an update once per day and Flash Player should update via Background Updates within 24 hours of a new version being available.