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    Lightroom Workflow


      Hi there,



      First I hope you won't judge me because I am ONLY on a trial version for Lightroom but still...

      For me a trial means that you can try the application before you buy it. Why does it exists ?

      Simple answer : too see if it match completely your expectations.


      Let's discuss the real issue.
      I was quite exciting to test my new Iphone 7 Plus for my shooting session with LR saving it in .DNG. Awesome.

      When I ran home, I opened Lightroom and there began the hardcore workflow.

      First, you need to connect on LR to be able ton sync the pictures that are on your phone... Wait... what ?!

      This is just horrible, it took me almost 4 hours to upload the pictures on the cloud. Also, I am the kind of human that doesn't want to use a cloud.
      It's very frustrating.


      But hey wait, it's not finished !


      After the 4 hours, I connect my lightroom trial version on the internet and... there's a message stating me that I have to Upgrade my account in order to use "Sync with Lightroom Mobile".
      So, I am stuck with all my pictures in the cloud that I have to edit on my phone or in the web browser !!

      Why, oh why, you didn't aware me of this ?

      I just spend a whole day of job for nothing !


      Today, I am downloading each picture on .dng trough the lightroom.adobe.com website.

      Even this website is horribly slow.
      I don't if it is because I am in Europe but please Adobe...


      Could you update this Lightroom app so we can transfer all our .dng files on our pc/mac and not trough our Wi-Fi ?
      Also, why don't you give the FULL package in a Trial ? I mean, all the options that you could test.

      I'm feeling very frustrated.


      Thanks for reading anyway,

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          Connect the phone to the computer and copy the images off the phone.


          Right LR 6, the stand alone version, can't use the LR Mobile feature. The trial is normally the CC version and you can use LR Mobile sync as a trial.


          All things internet are based on your internet connection speed, both the remote site/place you are accessing and the thing you are accessing from.


          Yes Connect the phone to the computer with a USB cable. If that is not possible with the iPhone and your Mac talk to Apple about that. My Android phone and Win 7 computer have no problem doing that.

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            Bob Somrak Level 6

            Easiest way to use WIFI to transfer photos back and forth between a PC/Mac and iPhone/Ipad is an App called PHOTOSYNC on the app store.   Lightroom Mobile definitely needs Point-to-Point transfer by WiFi.

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