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    Help with code for form field , Pass or Fail




      I have a form field ( Text 6) I want to populate with pass or fail based on the data from another field ( Text 63)

      The other field ( Text 63 )has a number in it , if it is less that 6 I want " pass" input into the form field ( Text 63)

      if the number is bigger that 6 I want "fail" in put into the form field.


      This is my code: Calculation


      var v = this.getField ("Text63");

      if ( v.value < = 6); {

      event.value = "Pass";



      event.value = "Fail";


      I get Syntax error ; syntax error

      2: at line 3


      Not sure how to get rid of the alarm as I have tried many different things

      I am a beginner


      Thank you