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    Setup help -Issues


      Hi, bit of a newbie question here. Sorry if this is covered elsewhere.


      Firstly, this is an awesome technology to have access to and I can't wait to get things working properly!


      I have had a character made by an Illustrator and they have provided me the .ai file.


      I am having issues in Character Animator getting it to work the way I expected (although the layers are supposed to have been grouped / named properly). The file is pretty complex with 3 stage head turn, a head nod, arms that point,


      Initial issues are as follows:


      The face floats away from the hair that is in a group behind the face.


      I also want to get the head to turn by face tracking (I downloaded a sample that did just that?)


      I have headline groups of Head, Body, Hair.


      Hoping someone can point me in the right direction!


      I believe from one of OK Samurai's fantastic video I want my character to work like the sample "Cassadra" as I have seen that working in the way I imagined. When I import the sample Cassandra to see what I am doing differently then I get similar behaviour.


      Sorry for sounding such a dummy. I think I have a lot of learning to do!


      Thanks in advance.