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    Drag document in book structure



      I try to create function for remove documents in structure view and have problem. When I create funciton, were I want to stop dragging document in structure view by using F_ApiReturnValue(FR_CancelOperation); I stoped the drag action, but document in my book list disappear. This document shows only when FM is reopened.

      I have already tried redisplay for book, deselect element range, but it doesn't help.

      Are there any other options?



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          Russ Ward Level 4

          Hi KAKADu,


          Can you share this code, so I could try to replicate the issue? If the script is long, could you shorten it to just the basic lines necessary to make this happen?



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            KAKADu Level 1

            In this case, when drag event is called, I use only simple question to determinate, if document has to be moved in structure. When I tried to debug, after FA_Note_PreDragElement there was called also FA_Note_DirtyBook, FA_Note_PostMouseCommand, FA_Note_BackToUser. But after that listed book on left side of FM was refreshed and destroyed.


            case FA_Note_PreDragElement:


                StringT question = (StringT)"Change the position?";

                if (F_ApiAlert(question, FF_ALERT_YES_DEFAULT)!=0)