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    Unfortunately, Adobe Acrobat has stopped (android tablet: samsung galaxy tab sm-t810)


      I have been reading an manual in Acrobat Reader for months and have been inserting text in the manual. Suddenly it is impossible to insert text. Everytime I make a text, I get the above message and Acrobat Reader crashes. I use version 17.0 build 164574

      I have already tried to reinstall Acrobat Reader. I have also tried to clear data and cache but it did'nt work.

      Any suggestions?


      (I made above question in this link: : https://forums.adobe.com/message/9368692#9368692

      last week. And the end of discussion was::


      We have received your gmail id. You will shortly receive an update for the issue.



      Adobe Acrobat Team


      But I never receive an update for the issue. I should get an invitation on my gmail, that I should confirm, and then I should be able to go to the appstore and install a prerelease, but I never got an invitation. So I am hoping that you will soon get back to this problem.