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    InDesign opens multiple chapters of a book (when only opening one) and hangs.

    thedesmodus Level 1

      Let me explain my workflow first.


      I have a 400 page document with Cross-references, and 2 people need to work on it. So we decided to split it into a book.

      I added the original .indd file (Deel 1.indd) to a new book (TestBook.indb). Then I created an empty document (deel 2.indd) and added that to the book also.

      Then I transferred a number of pages from Deel 1.indd to deel 2.indd through the Pages panel (move pages).

      Then I set the numbering to continue in deel 2.indd from Deel 1.indd.


      But now, when I open either Deel 1.indd or deel 2.indd. InDesign decides to open the other file as well (I see this because the .idlk files appear). And at this stage InDesign freezes and the .idlk file (from the .indd I never opened) keeps appearing and disappearing (updating the Date Modified in the meantime).


      This happens both with the TestBook.indb opened and closed.

      Moving one of the .indd files results in InDesign lagging and then stalling and crashing.


      I think it must have something to do with the cross-references going over multiple documents (two in this case). But it is an old setting in InDesign, so it should not give any troubles.


      Anyone any advice??


      Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 15.24.03.png