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    Major Progressive Desync Issues and other visual issues- Premiere Elements 15


      I had issues with my original webcam when recording from my webcam into Premiere Elements 15 (and importing the videos from elsewhere). So I bought a much more modern webcam (but one that definitely works with Windows 10), however the issues are pretty much the same. Below, I'll give as detailed an account of the issues as possible- hopefully someone will be able to help. Currently I am unable to put any webcam footage in the videos I record for Youtube. I spoke to help over live chat, but they were worse than useless; hopefully I can get some better answers here.


      When I record from a webcam directly into Premiere Elements 15, I get progressive desync that, within 10 seconds, has rendered the video and the audio completely out of sync. Is this something to do with the frame rate being recorded at, the format it's being recorded in and/or the audio settings? When I record the video in debut, it plays completely fine on my computer, but as soon as I put it into premiere elements, I got a really strange visual issue where the first three or four seconds of the video would play on a loop, but the audio would play normally. What can I do about all this?


      I must note that, so far, if I put a standard video (i.e. one downloaded from youtube) into premiere elements, it plays fine. However, the webcam recordings (on a very modern webcam) also plays fine everywhere other than Premiere elements.