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    Split Large PDF using page number list


      We have been supplied a number of PDFs, each >10,000 pages. Each PDF is a series of individual documents of varying page length (i.e. some have 4 pages, some 6, some 5 etc). We have tried a number of different splitting techniques, none with any success. Our only guide to which pages belong to which document is a text file while sets out in each successive line (a) the 'Page 1' for each new document and (b) the number of pages in that document. For example, line 1 of the text file reads page 00001, 4 pages. Line 2 reads page 00005, 6 pages.


      Is anyone aware of a script we can run, either JS or SQL, that can open the main PDF, refer to page number (a) from the text list (imported into a reference table), go to page (a) and split off the next (b) pages into a separate PDF, and repeat through the whole PDF until all sub-documents have been extracted.


      Thanks much for your help.