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    Upgrading from Lightroom 6.0 to 6.6 or newer - MAC - HELP


      Really frustrated with Adobe in general. Hoping to get an answer from someone here instead.


      1. I have a standalone version of Lightroom 6.0 for MAC.

      2. I have a newer camera (Canon G7X Mark II) and I'm trying to import images in CR2 format to my version of Lightroom.

      3. My version of Lightroom doesn't support that format and I the Adobe website says I need at minimum, version 6.6.

      4. When I try to update via the LR menu, HELP>>UPDATES, I'm send to a popup creative cloud branded window but I don't see any updates for standalone LR.


      Q: How or where can I update or upgrade my standalone version of Lightroom 6.0 to 6.6 or higher. I do not want the creative cloud version.


      Please help!