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    Replace with After Effects Composition - not working

    aarong40079571 Level 1



      I have the most recent Adobe Cloud


      I have a project in Premiere I've been working on, and I went to select a clip in a sequence and right clicked - replace with After Effects Composition. AE opened, shows the clip in the composition, but the screen is black. I cannot see my clip. And when I try to add an effect, it doesn't allow it.


      I've followed exact steps of people doing this on YouTube, one very  recent. And theirs works, but mine is still black.


      Update: I'm getting 2 error codes:

      -Transcode failure. Unable to match frame size



      -Transcode failure. Unable to match video field type


      Any ideas on how to fix those error messages?


      Anyone have the same issue, and figure out how to resolve this?

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          aarong40079571 Level 1

          alright, here's an update.


          The clip I tried sending to AE, I had changed the aspect ratio to 21:9. So I went to a clip that I had not done that too, and it worked fine. So I went back to the original clip I tried working with, and changed the aspect ratio to a 1920:1080 (the original), thinking this would fix it. It did not.


          So I still have the same issue, and while one clip worked, and the other didn't, I cannot figure out why.


          Any help would be swell!

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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            All righty then!


            It's pretty plain from the terminology you use that you don't have a firm grasp on what you're doing.


            That happens a lot!  As in, "about ten times a week".  People get AE thinking, "how tough can this be?", and they immediately get lost. Because AE is so complicated and quirky,  and because the software doesn't always work as billed, the answer to the "how tough" question is, "extremely tough!".  So there's this learning system in place, and it works pretty well.


            Rather than wasting our time and yours with a constant back-and-forth barrage of questions & answers,  and to keep newcomers from learning difficult-to-learn software from lame high school kids, Adobe has thoughtfully made these dealies called "Basic Tutorials".  People run them, learn basic things, and get better and better as they go along.  They learn AE terminology, which makes communication a lot clearer.  And in time, people get pretty good at AE.


            So how do I get those Basic Tutorials, Dave?


            Lucky you!  You'll find 'em right here:


            After Effects tutorials


            You learn AE step-by-step.  You don't jump into the deep end of the pool right away.  If you try, you'll be wearing lead weights, which is no good.


            And frankly, you may be suffering from bugs and not even know it.  People will probably visit this thread to make sure that you have things installed properly.  Expect a lot of diagnostic questions.

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              aarong40079571 Level 1

              haha, thanks Dave for being blunt! It is true, I am a beginner, and I appreciate your comments.


              I will definitely re motivate myself to watch the tutorials so I can have a better grasp on the workflow.


              Thanks again!

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                Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Without more info like format/codec of the footage you're trying to replace, it's going to be hard to offer any more advice other than Dave's excellent suggestion to get a solid foundation first. (Which you really should do - it'll make things much less frustrating). That being said, you might be able to just copy your clip from Premiere and paste it into an AE comp. You can then either add that comp into Premiere via Dynamic Link or you could render an intermediate out of AE and use that in Premiere.


                Again though, really get a grasp on AE first. It does help a LOT.