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    after update to windows 10, I can't use Photoshop 2017 anymore


      Hi there


      I was forced to set up my computer newely due to problems with windows. After installing windows 8.1 I updated to windows 10. Since then I can't use Photoshop CC 2017 not at all. When I start it it says: a problem occured (german translation) and then it quits.


      In my adobe folder I found a file called photoshopPrefsManager and there it says:

      2017-03-08 13:40:45 : ----------- Starting Prefs Migration:  Adobe Phtotoshop CC 2017 Build 8  [2017\03\08 at 13:40:45] -----------

      2017-03-08 13:40:45 : Migration is not needed per parameter.  Quitting


      I deinstalled and installed photoshop several times, but still it doesn't work.


      Can someone help me with his please?




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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          When I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Photoshop would not start. I downloaded the latest Windows 10 Device Driver from Nvidia.COM for my Quadro 4000 installed it in Windows 10 and Photoshop worked.  Lately with every new Windows 10 Preview Build I also have to re-install the latest Display Quadro Driver to get OpenCL available again.  I do not have to do that  problem on my surface pro 3 Intel HD graphic OpenCL is still available.