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    Can Someone Help Restore My Standalone Lightroom 6?




      I've been a Lightroom (stand alone version) user for many years starting with v1.0 up to v6.7.


      I downloaded v6.8 only to find that catalogues could not be saved. I tried the various remedies I picked up in various places and eventually thought I'd got the fix sorted. Not so because I could no longer view images to import, which has severely reduced my capacity to process images so much so that I've not been on a serious shoot this year - so far..


      Today I once more thought the real fix had arrived but the image imports still didn't show.


      However, I think I found the reason why I couldn't import images. Right at the start of the v6.8 glitch, I decided to reinstall LR6.0. This I did and, sadly, it looks like I had unknowingly signed up for a 30-day trial!


      What I now need is to get my standalone LR6 back. My Adobe account page only shows LR4 as a purchase with its serial number. I have a serial number for LR5 but not for LR6, which was downloaded from Adobe.com, and I think that also used the LR5 serial.


      Help urgently requested so I can get back back to my photography!


      Any suggestions or - better still! - a kindly Adobe employee to help me get back on the road.


      Thanks in advance,


      Anthony Harratt (UK User)