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    JavaScript submitform no longer working for Safari




      I have an issue that I'm hoping someone can shed some light on.


      For many years now I have been using Acrobat on a mac to submit forms to our server using the following Acrobat JavaScript code:

      this.submitForm("https://cfs.orcasnet.com/...#FDF", false, true);

      (portions of the URL removed for security reasons)


      This does an URL Encoded HTML POST to our server. For years this has worked fine and the exact same JavaScript code and PDF works on Windows with Internet Explorer (although an older version of Acrobat).


      I have gone so far as to put a sniffer on the wire. No data is sent or received on the mac after this call is executed but on the Windows/IE the request is sent and a response received (which of course it would have to, to work).


      This started occurring a couple of weeks ago. This appears to have begun with the 11.10.19 update of Acrobat on the mac.


      Here is the current configuration:

      Adobe Acrobat Pro XI Version 11.10.19 (I don't think it has anything to do with this being PRO I think read will do the same thing)

      MacOS Sierra Version 10.12.3

      Safari Version 10.0.3 (12602.4.8)


      Does anyone know if any new security settings on the Acrobat Internet Plugin, Safari or Mac OS updates might be interfering with sending the data?


      Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to work around or debug this issue?


      Thanks in advance for you help with this.


      Paul Carrick

      Developer dataVISION


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