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    can´t do anything with the saved files?


      yes hallo, im new to all this editing and everything, i downloaded the test one for 7 days that you can try out for free.
      this is starting with me being interested in starting an youtube account. and i needed to do a intro and i managed to that.
      so all i really wanted is to always have my intro ready and set up and i can save it on my computer but if i try to start the intro up in like another editor program it wont let me find the saved files from after effects.
      so if anyone knows why please let me know?


      And i bealive it is because i havnt bought it yet and if does is the case then how can i save the intro and put it in the beginning of every video i make and somehow start a new time for just the video, so like the video starts after the intro?

      ps . sorry for my bad english, hope you can reid it and understand
      very gratituide for answers.

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          imeilfx Adobe Community Professional

          I'm not sure if I understand you correctly but.
          1. You have ibnstal trial version of AE
          2. You've prepared your animated intro
          3. Now - still durring your AE trial period - when yt try to find and/or use your intro animation saved project in other video editor - you cant?

          Is that correct?


          If so that mean that you've saved AE project not exported/rendered your animation. If you used for saving your project file/save as - you will get *.aep and that format is only compatible with After Effects and Premiere Pro. What you need is to use Composition/Add to render Queue or Composition/Add to Adobe Media Encoder render queue
          From there ypou have to chose format and codec for your exported video file (f.eg. form AME - h264 codec) after that you will get rendered file that you will be able to add to almost any video editoer (paid of free) and use fory you YT videos.

          More on what I've just said here:

          Basics of rendering and exporting in After Effects CC

          Exporting from After Effects with the Adobe Media encoder

          Export comps to the Render Queue or Media Encoder |

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            hampusb69797199 Level 1

            hey thanks for the answere i tried it and it worked, but i have to problems now..


            1. when i start the video up in like my video player on my computer its just lagging every second and when i try to put in the file in my video editor program its like my logo is completley different and the special effects dissaperes

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              imeilfx Adobe Community Professional

              Ok. So laggy video file can be because of file size. Big file is to big for your hard drive to play it back in real time. So how long is your file (in seconds), what resolution and what is the size of that video file, and of course tell us what codec/format did you use.

              As for second part of your question I don't quite understand  - you mean that before render your animation, logo looks ok but after render effects dissapeared?
              Please send us a screenshot of your composition (AE interface with your animation open) and screenshot (or full animatyion) from your already rendered file with issues that you described.