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    Left-handed artist - swipe to undo

    Lalupes Level 1

      Does anyone else have a problem with the "left-swipe" to undo? As a left-hander, I find I'm undoing my work every time I try to pan across the screen, as the left-handed swipe is my instinctive action. I've tweeted Adobe, emailed them, commented on Facebook threads and given feedback in online surveys asking for there to be an option to switch off the left-hand swipe to undo; I've had sympathy, compassion and expressions of understanding ... but no useful response or attempt at a solution. I use Adobe Ideas for my portraits and will have to swap soon, as Ideas is no longer supported. I cannot switch to Draw without a resolution of this problem - please, has anyone any ideas on how to resolve this myself or get it across to Adobe that at least 10% of its users will be left-handed. Thank you.

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Lalupes.


          Since you mentioned it, and since I handle pretty much all the email that comes in about the apps, and I don't remember ever emailing with you, I checked... and I actually found a couple of old emails (one from 2014 and one from 2015) from you mentioning this exact problem. Unfortunately, they were before my time in this position, so I suspect they may never have made it to the product team (it doesn't appear that anyone responded).


          Here's what I know:

          This particular gesture receives a lot of comments. It's not a popular one.


          The entire gesture system is being redesigned/reconsidered right now... and the left-swipe-undo is part of that. What I don't know is when any changes might make it into the app. So I can't really give you much information in that regard. Since I don't think they ever got that far, I will in the meantime share your comments (as a left-handed artist) with the product team because I'm not certain that the gesture has been considered from this point-of-view.


          I hope that helps a bit.



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            Lalupes Level 1

            Thank you, Sue. That's the first comprehensive answer I've had and I find it very reassuring. I'll keep checking for updates and keep my fingers crossed. I've started using Tayasui Sketches Pro, as there's an option to have a swipe gesture or an undo button, and I've chosen the button. My portraits have a distinctive style which only Adobe Ideas achieves, though, so I'm really hoping to be able to switch to Adobe Draw when this is resolved. Thank you so much for bringing this to the attention of the Product Team.


            All the best


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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



              I'm not super happy that you're forced to use another app in the meantime but I for sure understand the need. I'll also let the team know that you've had to switch apps until something is changed with that particular gesture.


              Thanks for all the details.



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                Halogenbarn Level 1

                As a lefty i can say i often make a line in sted of going a step back.

                It might just be my fingers that is not in sync but it happens quite often for me.


                By the way, how to i put the tools in the right side? In the old days i could choose where the tools was placed? I cant find it anymore.

                Is the option removed?

                (Sorry for the bonus question)



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                  Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

                  HI HalogenBarn.


                  To move the toolbar from the left to the right side of the screen, tap the Settings icon in the lower nav. Then, from the menu that opens choose Preferences. You'll see the option to move the toolset in the next menu.


                  As I mentioned previously, the drawing teams are looking at a redesign of gestures in the app because a lot of people have problems with the Undo/Redo swipes; but, it could be a while before those changes make it into the drawing apps. Does the Undo icon (curved arrow in the upper nav) work for you (I remember one left-hander saying that wasn't super comfortable either)?


                  I'll share your left-handed perspective comments with the product team.