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    InDesign 2017cc Constant Crash: Spell check and text editing

    as78700295 Level 1

      I have 2 issues:


      1. InDesign crashes immediately upon spell check (sudden, unexpected quit). Doesn't matter if file is new, an already created file, saved as IDML and reopened. Doesn't matter if I use the menu or the keyboard command. Sudden unexpected quit every time.

      1.a. Related: I tried to see if I could turn on dynamic spelling in preferences so I could at least see the typos and fix them manually. Turning on the pref causes immediate crashes. Was able to turn it on with no file open, but then just made InDesign unable to even launch: start to launch, immediate crash.


      2. Editing any text box. Copy/pasting text: immediate unexpected quit (whether pasting in existing text box or new text box). Highlight text and then trying to type over it: immediate crash in every context. CAN: import text through Place command. CANNOT then edit text without eventual crashes: here it won't crash immediately--unless highlighting text/then crash--but after a few edits, will crash. New text box with just typing text in: a few edits, then crash. New files, existing files, files exported to IDML and then reopened. Makes no difference. This happens for simple text, no styles, no tabs, etc.


      Solutions I have tried but didn't work:

      1. Unchecking the advanced text preferences

      2. Deleting all InDesign prefs (file and save data file0

      3. Uninstalling/reinstalling software

      4. Saving files as IDML and reopening

      5. I am using no plug ins

      6. My fonts are not corrupted


      Happens for all files:

      - New 2017 cc files

      - Opening CS6 files in CC 2017

      - IDML files (exported from both CC 2017 and CS6)


      What does work:

      1. CS6 version. No problems at all for same files.


      My platform:

      Macbook Pro 2016 13 inch

      macOS Sierra 10.12.3 (has the Intel Iris graphics card 550 which is buggy itself, in case that helps--I experience the terrible screen flicker in Adobe Premiere)


      Basically, InDesign CC 2017 is completely unusable at this point, with crashes happening every 5 minutes or less.