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    Error after installing the new version of Lightroom CC


      Hi all,


      It seems to be a recurrent error, yet I haven't found a way to solve it in any other post.

      I have installed Lightroom 2015.9.

      When I launch it I have these two error messages on top of each other:

      1) Win32 API error 126 ("The specified module could not be found.") when calling ::LoadLibrary from getCfunction

      2) Could not call C function: private_load_AgCoreTech


      I am running on windows 10 Home 64bit


      What I have tried so far:

      -uninstall lightroom and reinstall it

      -uninstall/reinstall visual C++ 2015 redistributable

      -Download Lightroom_64-bit_DLL (msvcr80.dll and msvcr100.dll)


      Nothing worked.

      Please help me find a solution to be able to use Lightroom