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    Worst customer service experience


      I signed up for a free trial with Adobe To download a handful of photos. I am a volunteer leader of a kids group and the images were used for their art project. A few days later, I tried to cancel what I thought was a free trial. I thought I was successful. Low and behold months later, I discover I have been charged regular fees for a service I used ONE time and understood to be cancelled. Calling customer service was an awful experience. I spoke with multiple people who only seemed interested in reiterating that I had signed up for A YEAR which I clearly did not understand at the time--I was in a hurry and distracted by kids who were waiting to complete their poster projects. Apparently, customer service is unwilling to entertain any notion that I cancelled. Also, they claim they cannot tell when I used the photos. I was told that I would here back from a supervisor within 24-48 hours. Not only did I not hear back from a supervisor, I only received a stock email that indicates only that my subscription has been cancelled as of today (a full week later). No mention of any refund and I suspect that they have charged me a cancellation fee. What kind of a scam is this??? Topped by awful customer service AND an awful "contract" stemming from a "free" trial that I thought I had cancelled. Why is cancelling so difficult that it doesn't take and why is customer service so awful?? The people on the phone say I have agreed to a contract. No. I did not agree to a year long subscription--that I have NOT EVEN touched!!! I understood it all to be cancelled!!! This supposed service has charged me a ridiculous amount for a handful of photos that were used on the first day and that was it. This is a truly bad model--duping people into a commitment and then having cancellation be something that doesn't actually stick AND it was difficult to find out how to cancel in the first place. Top it all off with customer service that is clearly not of service nor customer friendly. Does anyone have a path to a real solution?  Help!! Please! I don't have money to be throwing away on a service that I clearly did not use beyond the free trial AND had cancelled. The whole experience makes me feel a ill and does not bode well for ANY enthusiasm for Adobe products in the future.

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          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

          Hi there


          Sorry to hear about your experience.


          The support team are dealing with your request and have refunded the charges associated with this subscription.  You will receive a case update when this has been completed.  No cancellation fee has been charged.


          Do you recall what you did to cancel your subscription and if you received email confirmation of the cancellation?  This would help us investigate further as there is no record of the cancellation in our system.


          Kind regards



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            hillaryd30888118 Level 1

            My recollection is that after a long, long search online, I called customer service. I couldn't find another way to cancel it. I cannot find a record of receiving an email but didn't think anything of it because I had called and don't remember being promised any sort of confirmation. I did also continue to receive email about products and services but also did not think anything of that because often customers will receive ads after they have cancelled something.


            It it would be better if the company warned people that their free subscription was about to turn into a paid product, especially given that it is a year long contract. Even better would be to have people opt in to continuing--charging people for products they don't want and/or use makes people feel financially abused by the company. Also, make it easy for people to cancel: provide clear instructions and communication about what is happening and emails about continued charges and terms of service. If there is anything you can do to provide the company with feedback about the multiple issues related to this one free trial, I am certain many customers would highly appreciate it.


            I do sincerely appreciate your prompt response and helpful service. It would be great if the calls to customer service were handled the same way.