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    JavaScript or AppleScript - how to map 1 colour in pdf

    Kevin Parrott Level 2

      Hi all

      I am trying to map one specific colour to white in a pdf, and I can't for the life of me find anything that I can use. From what iv'e read

      it seems that javascript is the better option for manipulating acrobat dc, but I have zero experience with it, applescript, quite a bit, so

      I was thinking id just call the javascript in my apple script.

      The colour I am trying to map is Keyline and I am wanting to convert to White, the colour keyline is made up from C0 M100 Y0 K20

      and converted to spot.

      Could some one please give me some infor or a snippet of javascript or applescript that I can add to the rest of my code please.



      tell application "Adobe Acrobat"


          tell active doc

              repeat with i from 1 to count of pages

                  tell page i

                      set {L, T, R, B} to media box

                       set crop box to {L + 5 * 2.834645, T - 5 * 2.834645, R - 5 * 2.834645, B + 40.2 * 2.834645} -- points to mm conversion

                       --close active doc saving yes

                      end tell

                 end repeat

             end tell

      end tell