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    Missing Colour Presets I Lightroom 6


      I recently upgraded my Lightroom 4 perpetual license to Lightroom 6 via download.  The initial download resulted in Version 6.0 only.  Nevertheless everything seemed intact including all the develop presets (both colour and B&W) included in Lightroom 4.  However, when I updated to Version 6.9 the colour presets disappeared and I can't find them anywhere.  When I go to Preferences, the Lightroom Presets folder within Develop Presets shows empty despite only the Colour Presets being missing in the side panel on Lightroom.  I note that other members of this forum have had similar problems but not quite the same as mine (e.g. all their Develop Presets have disappeared not just Colour Presets).

      A solution to my particular problem would be appreciated, noting I'm only semi computer literate.