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    Toggle button drops frames [Was branched from Re: Lags and freezes during 4K editing Adobe Premiere Pro CC]

    bryande Level 1

      I just put together a new machine, i7 6800k, 32 GB RAM, and GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card. Hard drive configuration:1.) OS, Premiere CS6 and CC on U.2 drive, 2) Cache, Previews, and Preview Scratch Disks on separate 1TB SSD, 3) Captured Video/Audio and Scratch Disks on another 1TB SSD. I am editing GH4 4k .MOV files and am having a problem when I hit the "Toggle Track Output" and toggle between layers of 4k. It starts to drop frames like crazy, even if played at 1/8 the resolution. This only happens when I hit the toggle button, and not if I am just playing numerous layers of 4k footage. This happens with both CS6 and CC even with current updates. Any suggestions?