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    getURL fails on Runtime Library button

      After years of estrangement, I'm embracing Flash once again. I have a little project I'm working on, but have faltered right out of the gate...

      I created a shared library with a single, relatively simple button with a clip in the over frame. For the button symbol, in Linkage I chose:
      Export for runtime sharing
      Export in first frame
      URL: shared_lib.swf

      I published the library, then closed the .fla. I created a new test.fla and chose "Open External Library" and surfed to the shared_lib.swf.

      The shared library opened as it should, with my simple button available. I dragged the button to the stage of the new test.fla, then checked its properties. Sure enough, "import for runtime sharing" was selected. I tested the movie, and the button (and its rollover clip) worked perfectly.

      Here's where it fails. I assigned an action to the button
      on (release) {
      getURL(" http://google.com", "_blank");
      When I test the movie, the getURL action doesn't work.

      As a test, I created a new button, this time in the local test.fla, and applied the same getURL action That button works. So, why does the getURL action work on local library assets, but not assets that are shared at runtime?