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    Loading bar


      I put up my website yesterday. It's set in DW with flash galleries that contain the thumbnails that open and external clip with the large images.

      The size of the main galleries is between 65 - 76 Kb and the size of the clips is between 20 - 40 Kb. I was trying to put the loading bar in each main gallery at least, but I couldn't get it to work the way I needed. When I open a webpage, I see a white rectangle before the gallery loads, regardless of my gray background color in DW and that the gallery stage is setup with the same gray as background.


      I don't want to see that white, what should I do? and also during that time is when I want to see the loading bar working indicating the downloading time, but I can only get the loading bar to work inside the movie after the white rectangle disappears.

      I would appreciate any tips on how to fix this issue.