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    Acrobat Pro DC on tablet


      I have a Samsung galaxy Tab A running KitKat 4.4. I have a paid subscription to Creative Cloud. However, when I am logged in to my Adobe Account on my mobile Acrobat app and try to use DC Pro features, it tells me to pay to subscribe and use those features. Everything says that the app works across devices...any tips on how to get access to the features I've already paid for?

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          Adorobat Adobe Employee

          Hi meganc25528252,


          I am sorry for the delayed response.


          Are you still experiencing the issue?


          You may try logging out from the application, relaunch the application, then login again and see if that works.

          Also, check if you are using the same Adobe ID for login which you used for subscription.


          Thank You,


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            meganc25528252 Level 1



            Yes, I am still experiencing this issue many months later. I've contacted customer support, but after a long process they always end up telling me they aren't trained for tablets. I've logged out, relaunched, uninstalled and reinstalled, etc. And I've confirmed my ID multiple times. Nothing seems to fix the issue, which seems to be that the mobile app fails to recognize a paid subscription.





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              Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

              I am trying to understand exactly what you are asking.


              If what you are asking is how to install Adobe Acrobat Pro DC on an Android device, the answer is that you absolutely cannot!


              Adobe Acrobat Pro DC only installs and runs on Windows and MacOS. It does not install or run on either Android or iOS systems.


              What can be installed on Android or iOS systems (phone or tablet) is Adobe Acrobat Reader Mobile which is primarily a reader with some additional functionality that is activated by subscriptions to either the Adobe Creative Cloud or the Adobe Document Cloud, assuming that you logon to your Adobe account from within Adobe Acrobat Reader Mobile. That functionality is doesn't even begin to approach the functionality of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.



                        - Dov

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                meganc25528252 Level 1

                No, I understand that I cannot download DC Pro on my device. What I am trying to do is access the additional features within Acrobat Mobile that come with my Creative Cloud subscription. When I attempt to logon to my Adobe account within Acrobat Mobile, it signs me in, but does not recognize that I have a subscription, even though I am using the Adobe ID associated with my account. Because of this, I cannot access the additional features, even though they are part of my subscription, which I have paid for. It seems to be an issue specific to my account, but when I contact account support, they send me here because they claim it is a tablet/mobile issue.



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                  Tariq Dar Adobe Employee

                  Hi Megan,


                  Looking at your subscription description, I found you have subscribed with CreativeCloud Student and Teacher.

                  The “Creative Cloud Student and Teacher edition (one-year, prepaid)” includes as part of its offerings a “non-student, ETLA-work-from-home” option. This is the option that maps to your order. This option, in particular, is less expensive and does not include services unfortunately and this is why you are not able to access the Document Cloud PDF service (or other paid services ) functionality when you sign in. 


                  Let us know if you have further questions.



                  -Tariq Dar