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    Photoshop Canvas says [scaled]


      When I make a new document, specifically for digital, the canvas size and proportion changes.

      At the top of the document, it says [scaled], however the gridlines are still showing the correct number.


      Step 1: Set up document for digital use. Put in sizes 300x600 (see below).




      Step 2: Click 'Create'. The Document opens, but I can see the proportions look  wrong. I double check with the gridlines, which suggest the document size is right. It also says [scaled] next to the document name now.


      Document Opens.png


      Step 3:  I double check the document size with an existing file, which I know is in fact 300x600. It is clear that the document being created is actually wider than it should be.


      Close up of grids.png



      How do I fix this?