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    how to do this side transition and general zoom in transitions.


      whats the easiest way to do these 2 types of transitions?


      the first is a side transition like shown in the first few secs of this video: Care to Click Infographic Animation (Motion Graphics) - YouTube


      the second is a zoom in transition, like for instance when u show a computer screen...and then the screen is zoomed in which reveals another scene...or if a globe is showing, and you zoom in on the globe to show another scene

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          Just clever structuring of your compositions and the associated pre-comps. Thosse rotation wipes are really just a bunch of layers being rotated around an imaginary anchor point way outside the bottom of the comp plus some colorring effects animated to represent the different times of day/ climatic settings. "Zooming in" is usually actually just scaling layers. You build the pre-comp sufficiently large so any frame might be outside the parent comp's borders and then when you scale that layer, the frame will pop into view. Of course additional fades and transitions between comps and other effects may come into play at any time, but again: It's really mostly a mtter of planning your project structure and determining which element needs to be in which comp.