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    help me work out if this is slow, or normal

    getho Level 1

      I'm used to LR being slow, but this? this is utterly ludicrous.


      Its a new install of windows, all my drivers are up to date, windows is up to date, everything is squeaky clean.  Lightroom is up to date (2015.9)


      The images are on a raid 5 with 7 disks, the cache and library is on an NVME ssd, (I tested putting the library on a different ssd, made no difference) and cache is set to 80gb. Use graphics processor is off and use smart previews is on.


      My computer is an i7 5820k with 64gb ram, system drive is ssd. (graphics gtx970)


      when I apply one of my presets in develop mode it sometimes takes 10 seconds before i see a change.  Is this normal? its a complex preset with some sharpness reduction in a radial filter and some more in 4 gradients, but i swear it never used to take 10 seconds.  Other times the program seems to hang. Becomes unresponsive, part of the interface is waiting to be drawn. Its currently using 12gb of ram. I thought the memory leak was fixed? Sometimes it takes seconds for a change in a slider to have an impact. Heres an example.  I just went to export 6 photos, realised I'd not synced the sharpness settings, cancelled the export and clicked sync.  It took 13 seconds before the synchonise settings dialogue opened.  Whilst it was trying to open part of the interface went black, the dialog box drew slowly. Background first, then rectangle placeholders for the checkbox text, then it appeared.  It was like using corel draw on a 386 laptop. Seriously I've not experienced this type of slow since processors were a 1000 times? 10000 times? slower.  I have seen these speed issues now across 4 builds, the only thing in common is the monitor.


      Premiere is running sweetly - probably better than I've ever seen it.  Its stable, responsive, it renders.  Photoshop is slow to start but the performance is fine.


      Adobe camera raw also suffers when there are lots of files loaded - you can get through maybe 10 before it slows to a crawl. 

      In Australia there are consumer laws that state that a product or service must be fit for purpose. No matter where I go in adobe with the speed issue the general response it:

      1) its not slow or

      2) its not reproducible

      3) therefore its a problem unique to your system


      We desperately need a metric to judge speed so that we can eliminate  the subjective, and we need someone to acknowledge this.