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    Snap to document margins not working when using a different document preset


      Hey guys,


      I'm having a very strange issue. When I create a new document and don't change the default settings, such as columns and margins, I can create text frames that snap to the document grid (that pink rectangle which should be your 'body' area, when when creating text frames at the speed of Sonic the Hedgehog. However, if I change just a minor thing, such as the column width from 4.233mm to 8mm the snap to grid function isn't working anymore. Even when I create a text box at the speed of my grandpa and try it really precise, I still get attributes such as X=30.035mm and height=150,788mm, instead of snapping with 30mm and 150mm.


      Does anyone can verify this problem and perhaps knows a solution for this? Have to create many text frames and this would slow up the process very much..


      I'm on InDesign Build and Cloud isn't showing any updates.