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    Creative cloud; verification email can't be verified. How do I change the email?




      Every time I open creative cloud I get this window (see picture). My problem is that the creative cloud is sending a verification code to the wrong email. I do not own this email and I entered the wrong email by accident (I also tried to create this specific account, however it is already taken). I left it as it was and weeks later I forgot that this happend and bought creative cloud with another email. However now everytime I open creative cloud I get this and I can't seem to change it myself. I tried every button you can click on but I keep getting this. I'm scared to delete everything, because I can install this program on two devices and I'm currently sharing it with another student. So if I don't delete it properly I can't instal it again, since it might count as a third device. Since I can't get to creative cloud I don't know how to properly delete it. If it is possible I obviously would prefer to just change the email instead of deleting everything. I don't know if adobe could be of any help or sombody that might know how I could solve this?


      Creative cloud verification email.png