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    Disable panel docking?

    kalibahlu Level 1
      Does anyone know if there's a way to disable panel docking in CS3? It used to be in General Prefs.

      Thank you! :)
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          FlashAmit Level 1
          I do wnat to know.

          The docking as works in flash 9 is quite irritating to me. I jus want to drag to center a panel and it docks some where either with the other panel in center or to the time line

          Attention ADOBE peoples please rectify it.

          Sometimes when I drag a panel it starts increasing the size of panel.

          I still prefer to use Flash 8 becoz of this problem.
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            kalibahlu Level 1
            I hate it that much, too :( Don't feel alone. I prefer to "cascade" my panels, so I can size them each the way I want. Some I like big, some I like small. When I try to move a panel to where I want it, it gets "stuck" along the way, and then when I detach it, it snaps to a smaller size and I have to resize it, then I'm luck if it doesn't get stuck to something else. It just takes too much time from my work flow to keep dealing with it, so I hope they fix it, too. In MX, you could disable it in the General Tab of Preferences, but for some reason they took that option away.