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    Server behaviours, DMXzone wishlist

    -Michele Level 1

      I know, this is an Adobe forum but... Adobe has removed server behaviours and killed InterAKT (Developer Toolbox) so I think that it's still a topic that could interests many DW's users.

      WordPress is a great tool but I think that develop a website without a "ready to use" CMS is still the best way, the best web workflow (especially for corporate websites).


      1. At the moment, DMXzone is the only company that offers a replacement of the old server behaviours but their extensions have many limitations.
        For example, isn't possible (or is very hard to understand how to do it) to set a simple "Show if the recordset is empty" and is necessary every time to open a ticket in the forum (great support but I'd like to do it alone and quickly).
      2. The DMXzone forum is another big problem. It's impossible to save images (screenshots) and to see the whole activity in the forums, is necessary open each forum individually (... and many times it's hard to remember in which forum you have posted the requests). Please DMXzone, see for an example WebAssist; they offer a great forum system with the possibility to see quickly the whole activity of the last 24h, 3/7 days, etc.
      3. Last thing, DMXzone offers too much extensions to do the same process (many times it's difficult to remember which extension must be installed by your marketplace). Please, create a single suite, as "ADDT" (Developer Toolbox) or DataAssist and remove the automatic update when you open a page (at least put a popup warning before updating).


      What do you think?

      Other DW users share my thoughts?
      I would have liked to put this message on the DMXzone forum, but isn't available a section "general".