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    [BUG] InDesign does not keep window position and size

    dp.arno Level 1

      Since multiple years I have a little thing very disturbing.

      Everytime I open InDesign, I have to rebuild my workspace.

      As I open it a multiple  time a day, it is very not confortable.


      Yesterday I found why: InDesign don't use window information kept by the system.

      Here steps to reproduce my problem:

      1. open InDesign
      2. maximize it
      3. rebuild your workspace
      4. close it
      5. open it again, and discover that all panels are reduced
      6. un-maximize InDesign, and discover the window position and size, pretty small.
        That's the reason of your messed up workspace: the window is too small to fully open every panels.

      So now, you can extend the window size to rebuild your workspace and close InDesgin again, to ask him to keep your configuration.

      You could think that's all.

      But no, there is another issue: even if you don't use maximization, InDesign won't let you decide the position and size of it's own window!

      Just after previous steps, with a little window extended, close it again to reopen it.

      Now InDesign window is almost maximize with 5 or 10 px of margin on each side.

      If you keep this window position and size, all will be fine at every launch app.

      But if you need to maximize it or reduce it, next time you will not have what you left.


      Abobe, can you check this (and the ZXPSignLib-minimal.dll issue with temp directories not in the right Temp directory?) ?


      A short video will explain it better.



      A user of InDesign since the beginning.