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    Menu bar icons hard to distinguish

    linsims Level 2

      Why was the option to have colored and/or large icons on the menu bars removed? My now older eyes are having a hard time distinguishing between the fancy "faded" icons, and the option to have them in color and larger than normal has been really nice. Now Framemaker 2017 has taken those options away and my eyes are feeling the strain.

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          Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Lin,


          FM was made compliant to the corporate standard (as seen in Photoshop, Illustrator InDesign, etc.). There were complaints (resoundly belittled and ignored) during the pre-release program about the lack of colour and scaling for the icons. So this leads one to the conclusion that UX isn't a high priority for Adobe [i.e. be reasonable, do it our way!].


          You may get more traction filing this in the official bugs & feature request system (Tracker) at: https://tracker.adobe.com/#/home

          Note: any user can vote on a bug/feature request to give it more weight, so convincing other Framers to vote on this (and other items), may get things accomplished [or at least noticed].

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            I agree with Lin. I have two monitors. On one I run FrameMaker 2015 and the other FrameMaker 2017. It is like day and night. The icons are very clear on the 2015. This should be the corporate standard. It makes the use of the program much easier. I have used FrameMaker for 28 years. In 2017, I have a good idea where the icon is. However, it still takes time to actually identify the icon. Slows things down.

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              linsims Level 2

              Well, how very annoying.


              I've put it in as a feature request. If you want to vote on it, this is the link. I'll pass it on to the Framers list.