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    update robohelp 2015 to 2017



      we are currently using robohelp 2015 and would like to update to 2017, how do we do that?


      Mabel Kropp

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Do you mean how do you upgrade a project or how do you upgrade the version?


          To upgrade a project, just open it in the new version. Create a backup first. I always recommend creating the backup as a zip file. That prevents you opening it accidentally and working on it before you realise it was the backup. This way you always have a clean backup that can be used to create a new clean copy time after time. I'm not expecting you will have a problem but better safe than sorry.


          To upgrade the version, either purchase at the upgrade price from Adobe or your regular supplier. Consider subscription pricing if you upgrade regularly.


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