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    unable to access mp3 files

    Buttabrain Level 1

      I downloaded an animations icon pack that comes with animated icons and mp3 files/sounds


      here's a screenshot: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet


      how do i use the mp3 files cause from the looks of it on bottom of the s/s, there mp3 sections dont have the speaker option to mute/unmute

      when i double click on the mp3 files in the project section, it gives me an option to "replace footage file"


      do i need to do something to get the mp3 to work? or maybe when converting the file to AE CC version, the mp3 files didnt convert properly?

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          In the PROJECT window, double-click on a piece of missing footage.  A "where's it located?" window appears.  Navigate to the appropriate folder.  Click on the proper piece of footage.  If there are other pieces of footage in that folder, AE will find them, too.  If they're elsewhere, keep pluggin' away at it until everything's reconnected.