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    Active States in Navigation Text Not Working Properly

    JasonSeaSmith Level 1

      Dear All,


      I am having an issue with text in my menu widget. I have three breakpoints (BP) with font sizes at 20, 15 and 12 respectively. These all work and respond as they should do when moving between BPs.


      The problem is when I try to adjust my active states. I would like a different colour for each state (Rollover, Mouse Down & Active; and would like them to be in bold) and want to keep the same font size for that particular BP (as detailed above).


      I do this in the largest BP with my font size at 20 everything is fine and works correctly.


      When I go to my next smallest breakpoint with the size 15 font and change the colours and the active state font size to 15, it changes the active state font size in all BPs to 15. Thus, my navigation menu active states at my largest BP - which should be 20 - are now 15.


      I have scoured the helps forums, tried every way imaginable that has been published on here, but have not found a solution to my issue.




      My 'Format Text on Current Breakpoint' is set correctly i.e The single T icon on each BP.


      It feels like a bug, unless I am missing something. Please help!