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    to create animation in Flash or AE

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      Hello everyone,
      I am a novice at flash and pretty well versed in AE. I was approached to create a small animated flash ad and was curious about something. If I create the animation in AE and bring it into flash, as opposed to creating everything in Flash, would that affect size, quality, etc? Bottom line, which method would be better? I am confident enough with flash to do it all there, but AE would be faster and more flexible for me. Thoughts?

      Thanks in advance!
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          Well, I haven't used AfterEffects in quite a while, so perhaps capabilities have changed in later versions, but the benefit of creating an ad in Flash is that the animation is vector-based. Plus, where you can get away with using vector-based graphics as well (created in Flash or Illustrator), it seriously decreases file size.

          If the newer versions of AE allow you to import animation from AE into Flash as a timeline with symbols, you'd probably be good to develop that way. If not, and developing in AE can only give you a video or frame-by-frame rasterized animation, you might wind up with a file size far too large to qualify for many advertisers' requirements. Plus, I'm sure there are a LOT of affects that are available in AE that have no equivalent in Flash.

          If you are used to AE, it shouldn't be a huge deal to make the switch to Flash's timeline, but really, it'd be a good idea for you to try a few test ads in AE exported as SWFs if you can do that, to see how they look file size-wise. The IAB website is a good place to look for file size and dimensional requirements.