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    WARNING Norton update KILLS IE11

    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      ADDED... problem was Norton, not Windows update... see my reply #2


      I installed win10 update KB3213986 this morning and when it finished restarting, my ie11 would open to a blank screen, and then stop with "not responding"


      I tried several restarts to see if something about the update had not finished (I waited until it SAID it was done) and same result ie11 not responding


      I restored from a backup, and ie11 was working again... after a bit, win update told me I had an update pending, so installed again to see if something about the updated had become corrupted during download/install the first time


      Same result... ie11 opens and immediately stops working with "not responding"


      Microsoft search Microsoft – Official Home Page only had a result for a problem with some kind of redirect, which I don't have


      Microsoft chat from the bottom of https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/contact/virtual-agent/ was clueless... wanting to "fix" my ie11 until I wrote, twice, that I was on a RESTORED win10 without KB3213986 installed, so any supposed "fix" wouldn't do anything once I installed the update and ie11 would not allow me to even get to an agent to take control of my computer to do the fix that the agent would not or could not describe


      So, for now at least, I have turned win10 automatic updates OFF (I hope!)

      how to turn Win10 automatic updates OFF (I hope!)

      -what I did

      -option window in lower left to get to settings

      -click update & security

      -click windows update on left

      -click advanced options in center