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    Question to Adobe legislation department

    Mohammad Modassir Level 1



      First, do I understand it correctly, that donwloading and installing piratecopies (cracked, hacked etc.) from thepiratebay.com, is illegal according to Adobe? If yes, please provide the exact rule of statement and the penalty according to it.


      Second, do I understand it correctly, that buying Adobe products from an unauthorized reseller, selling Adobe products with life-time license, is illegal and punishable? If so, please provide the rule of statement and penalty according to it.


      Third, are the only option, if one needs to buy adobe products, legally, that one do it through adobe auhtorized resellers only? If so, and in that case, please provide to the exact rule of statement which I can use it as a reference.


      Fourth, what are the contact information of Adobes authorized resellers who sell exactly the following products for as lowest price possible, with life time licence?


      1. Adobe Illustrator.


      2. Adobe Indesign CC.


      3. Adobe After effects.


      4. Adobe Photoshop.


      Due to so much piratecopies on the internet, and fake and unauhtorized online-stores selling Adobe products, please provide an exact link to an authorized reseller of Adobe, who sel exactly each one of these products.


      Please reply to this serious matter. There are so much confusion on the internet, don't know what to do, what is legal or not, can't find any statement against buying from unauthorized adobe resellers, nor for piratecopies (cracked, hacked etc.). Please provide your statements according to or if any, with proof from Adobe legislations department, for future purpose.


      Thank you.

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't work for Adobe.  But I can tell you from experience that perpetual licensed versions of the titles you seek are no longer sold, supported or updated.  Moreover, Creative Suite products are not certified to run on modern operating systems.   If you find legacy products sold online, chances are very high that they are cracked, hacked or OEMs that should no longer be sold with computers.


          The short answer to all of your questions is this:  If you want genuine software, join the Creative Cloud.

          Creative Cloud pricing and membership plans | Adobe Creative Cloud


          Full Plan USD (includes all CC apps & services + support and product updates for as long as you remain a member)

          • Annual contract paid monthly $50/mo
          • Annual contract paid yearly $600/yr
          • Month-to-month (cancel anytime) $80/mo



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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            If you are not in the US or in a country with a supported Adobe store... Adobe Resellers http://adobedealreg.force.com/PartnerSearch?lang=en

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              Mohammad Modassir Level 1

              This does not answer any of my questions...

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                Mohammad Modassir Level 1

                yes, this answered my fourth question only, what about my first, second and third?

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                  Mohammad Modassir Level 1

                  I am thinking of using these products for lifetime, permanently, so subscription for this would be very expensive in the long run. That is the reason I want to buy them. But please someone from adobe, answer my important questions, i don't want to install piratecopies from thepiratebay.com, even though I know how to do that withput any problems...

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                    Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    If you want Adobe's legal dept to answer your questions then you need to contact them.  Posting in these forums is not the way to contact Adobe.  These are user to user forums.


                    You appear to be challenging Adobe to prove that illegally obtaining the use of their software is illegal.  You are aware that it is illegal but you challenge them to prove it.  Stealing is illegal... no need for Adobe to prove that to anyone.


                    The bottom line with your wish to own what is not being sold is that you cannot do it legally.  Besides, even if you do own it for a lifetime, chances are it will stop working for you after about two of your future computers have conked out.  Computers and their operating systems are not being made to support older software.  But, you can always go back to that trustworthy vendor and buy an old computer for next to nothing as well, right!

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                      Mohammad Modassir Level 1

                      DEAR, I AM NOT CHALLENGING ADOBE!!!

                      I know this is mainly user to user forum, but before, I have talked with officials from Adobe in such forums. And I know piratecopies are illegal. But the proof of statement I am looking for is for the unauthorized resellers who are selling lifetime license of these products to a lower prive than the authorized adobe resellers. Now, I need to know the legislation of exactly this being illegal according to Adobes rules of laws, regarding ‘buying Adobe products with lifetime license from unauthorized resellers’.


                      Here are some of such probably unauthorized resellers I am referring to:

                      SPAM LINKS REMOVED... Mod


                      ...are any of these resellers authorized by Adobe, is it illegal to buy from any of these/unauthorized resellers in general?


                      The reason I need proof of statement is merely because of people who think piratecopies or especially buying from an unauthorized (cheep) Adobe products are legal are not against Adobe policies. I want to prove to people that they are wrong and that is indeed illegal. That is the reason I need those exact paragraph of Adobe law.


                      I thought maybe users knew the exact article which I can refer to.


                      Regarding you buttom line statement, how do you know that none of these products can’t be purchased with lifetime license from an authorized Adobe reseller?


                      Btw, why don’t the admin of this page know about these very important laws? Why isnt he or she refering to it? Admin, please refer to the article in question if you know.


                      Kind, Mohammad Modassir

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                        John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        You buy a car that can go 200 miles per hour


                        The speed limit sign on the road says 70 miles per hour


                        You KNOW it is illegal to drive over 70, so do not ask the car maker to prove that to you


                        It is wrong and illegal to buy pirate software, not Adobe or Microsoft or any other vendor needs to prove that

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                          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          There is no such thing as lifetime software.  There never was.   All products have an end-of-life cycle.  Nobody can ensure that old software will keep running indefinitely on newer devices.   Legacy Creative Suite has reached it's end-of-life.  


                          If you want to buy Photoshop, look at Photoshop Elements 15, alone or bundled with Premier Elements.    In a few years, you will need to upgrade it.  And a few years after that, you will need to upgrade again & again...

                          Picture editor software, photo enhancement tools | Adobe Photoshop Elements 15

                          Features | Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 & Adobe Premiere Elements 15




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                            Mohammad Modassir Level 1

                            How do you know Adobe authorized resellers don’t sell lifetime-license? How do you know they don’t have any left?


                            How do you differentiate a piratecopy from the original? For example, the links I have shown above, are you saying that all stores mentioned in those links are going against Adobe policies and will get charged? If that is the case, then why haven’t Adobe caught them yet?


                            Btw, the people who bought lifetime license before from Adobe, are they allowed to continuesly use the product for lifetime? If so, then what difference does it make if new customer also want a life time license?

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                              Mohammad Modassir Level 1

                              But old versions will definitely work! You are wrong in your statement. What if I only need simple tasks to be done with todays Adobe Illustrator, or any other product of Adobe, then I will NOT need any upgrade, and it will work as normal as long as I only use current tool integrated in the current version of these products.


                              ADOBE DID SELL LIFETIME LICENSE BEFORE!!! And people who were lucky to buy it, are still using it, they dont need any support or upgrade, they only need the implemented tools already built in. THAT IS WHAT i am looking for!!! Same solution! Why can't new customers buy lifetime license? although old customers freely using lifetime licensed products of Adobe? WHY THIS UNEQUALITY??!!


                              And my questions still remain unanswered. Please if you cannot reply to my question, then don't waste your time here.


                              I am only looking for rules of laws made my Adobe mentioned in my first post.


                              The following site seems very legit on first sight:

                              SPAM LINK REMOVED... Mod


                              But how can you prove to them that they are selling a piratecopy and are consequently in violation of Adobe copyrights or any other infringment? NOW YOU SEE WHY ADOBE NEED TO PROVE IT?!! i.e people are thinking it is legal to buy from them, because otherwise, why dont they just download from piratebay? even that is illegal too, but free, but still illegal...

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                                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                Stop posting links to illegal sites

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                                  Mohammad Modassir Level 1

                                  Roger that loud and clear, just wanted to prove my point. But I understand.


                                  Kind, Mohammad Modassir

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                                    Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                    Read this:

                                    Why Not to Buy Adobe Software on eBay, Craigslist or Amazon Mkt | ProDesignTools


                                    "As of January 9, 2017 Adobe stopped selling CS6 entirely … This means the CS products are no longer being made by the company, nor legitimately for sale through ANY channel in ANY country, from ANY vendor or reseller.]"


                                    That says everything you need to know.  You cannot  legitimately buy Creative Suite from anyone no matter what the seller claims. 




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                                      Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                                      OK! On behalf of Adobe Systems Incorporated ...


                                      Adobe has never, repeat never sold any software with a “lifetime” license. In terms of the software that is currently offered in the Creative Cloud offerings, only Acrobat DC and Lightroom are still offered with what are known as “perpetual licenses.” That is not a “lifetime” license which implies something very different. The perpetual licenses allowed use of the software on the platform for which it was originally designed where “platform” includes hardware and operating system environment. On MacOS, for example, the useful life of a perpetual license might indeed be fairly short due to the dramatic changes in hardware and operating system interfaces that preclude older software versions from continuing to properly function.


                                      If anyone offers to sell you a “lifetime license” to current versions (i.e., the CC versions) of products such as InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, After Effects, etc., by definition it is some type of pirated / illegal software since Adobe has never offered any perpetual licenses to those products and certainly not “lifetime licenses” through any channel whatsoever!


                                                - Dov

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