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    Lightroom CC 6.9 - LR not responding on export


      Hi Fellow users,

      Since I updated lightroom CC yesterday to 2015.9 version, export doesn't work at all. When exporting, whether from a network drive, or from the internal drive, on either my custom presets or the standard one, Lightroom start processing something and get stuck here. It obviously use a lot of memory to do whatever it's doing as the rest of the computer slow down. But even for 1 image, it cannot proceed to prompt with the "destination folder" window after 1 night. So I guess there is a problem and it's stuck somewhere.


      Anyone else encountered this ?


      Is there any simple procedure to rollback the update and get back to the previous one ? I'd rather have the "X to reject not working" french bug than an export bug that prevent me totally from delivering anything to my customers.


      I'm on a MacbookPro 13" late 2016 running the very last version of osX and Lightroom CC.