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    Single Master LRCAT file filling main computer disk


      I am recently back from a trip.  Typically, while in country I offload raw images from Sd to an external drive for backup.  When I get home I then upload those to a 12 TB NAS.  It if from there that I import the files into LR to work on.  I have only ever used a single master LRCat file (for many years of image imports).  Following my recent trip after importing and starting to work on the new images, i am finding that the computer (laptop) containing LR and the LR catalog file is very low on disk space.


      To resolve, my first thought was to copy the LRCAT file to my NAS where i have lots of available diskspace.  However as i have learned this is not a supported option with LR.  I have spent a great deal of time over the last few days cleaning up my disk to free enough space allowing me to continue processing files, however I believe it will only be a matter of time before i am faced with the issue again.


      - Are there limitations within LR wrt the size an LRCAT file can grow and or the number of images which can be managed? If so what are the limitations? 

      - Have others faced this issue and are there suggestions wrt a alternative approaches to a single LRCAT file?  The obvious one would be to manage individual LRCAT files following each shoot.  However this to pose other questions and challenges.

      - Is there any chance network drive support could be added in the future?


      Thanks in advance.

      Mike M.