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    Pro InDesign Question about automatically fitting content and frame spacing (inData)

    Andrei.B Level 1

      Hello everyone!


      I need some help and I hope there is someone here that can figure this one out.


      What I need to do:

      I need to make a few magazine spreads with classifieds. I have the excel file with 4 columns as follows: A: category, B: ad text, C: contact info, D: premium (yes/no)

      How I do it is I use inData to style the text so that the style is done automatically for each text line as they are each in different styles.

      The premium ads have a different coloured background then non premium ads. So for automation purposes they have to be in a different text frame in order to give them a paragraph style with a coloured background


      A little bit of context:

      I am using inData to populate multiple text frames linked together. At the end of each text block that is being imported I have a column break (numpad enter).

      My problem is that the amount of text (lines) varies between text blocks so I am using the Text Frame Options (Command B) to make the text frame fit to content automatically. Auto-Size and Height Only as the width needs to stay the same.


      My problem is that I do not know how to "link" the text frames to each other to keep the same spacing between frames.

      Can anyone figure out a solution for this?



      Or, is there a way to only start with one text frame and then have indesign automatically create new text frames to a predefined space between them?


      If anyone can figure an alternative solution to my problem would be appreciated also.