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    Lightroom CC Camera Profile

    BenElliott-UK Level 1

      Hello, all.


      Sorry if this repeats past discussions but I've not been able to find my problem discussed before.


      I have created two camera profiles with the Colour Checker Passport and they are both located in the following folder: C:\Users\Ben 2014\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles


      However, when I open Lightroom I can only see one of the profiles. Where is the other profile in Lightroom when they are both in the same folder with separate names?


      Many thanks for your help.



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          Sahil.Chawla Adobe Employee

          Hi Ben,


          Do you have a raw file selected or any other file like jpeg or tiff or psd?




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            BenElliott-UK Level 1

            All the files I am looking at are RAW but, the problem isn't related to individual files. In the Camera Calibration section of the Develop module there is only one Camera Profile visible but, in the folder that holds these files there are two different profiles. Why does the Camera Calibration section only show one when there should be two?

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              elie_di Level 4

              "All the files I am looking at are RAW" - Yes, of course they are. If they were rendered RGB images, you wouldn't see any profiles at all, only the notation "Embedded". I'm not sure why the previous respondent asked that question.


              Were the two profiles made with the same camera? Since the profiles are camera specific , the profile will show up only when a Raw from the relevant camera is loaded.

              I see multiple home-made profiles - plus the Adobe supplied profiles - without any problem.

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                BenElliott-UK Level 1

                Both profiles were created from X-rite colourchecker passport from two different cameras. But, your comments made me re-check.


                When I looked into Lightroom with an image created with the second camera the 2nd profile was there. So there was nothing wrong just LR being very clever.


                Thank you for your help.