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    Synchronization of folders/sub-folders issue

    bbawt1 Level 1

      I have a main folder for all my photos within Lightroom sorted by year, then sub-folders under each by subject.  If I right-click the top folder and click "Synchronize folder", the pop-up dialogue box has all boxes checked, and it starts counting. The result is it says for Import New Photos as (2).  Then I click the Synchronize button and the program starts working - lots of flashing screens as it goes through each folder/sub-folder in the tree...but when it finally ends, no photos were showing to add to catalog.  Tried this a few times, same thing happened.


      Then I shut down Lightroom, created a sub-folder under the main one in Windows, added 3 photos manually, opened Lightroom and tried again.  This time it came back saying Import New Photos as (5).  I hit Synchronize again and after it works thorough all the folders, it shows thumbnails of only the 3 photos I recently added.


      So for some reason Lightroom is identifying 2 mystery photos and I can't tell where it sees their location.


      Anyone have any ideas?