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    Scripting Scene Navigation

      Hey all,

      Rather new at this - been fooling around with Flash CS3 for a couple weeks and getting the basics down, but I know next to nothing about Actionscript (just purchased a book yesterday). I'm making a simple website entirely with flash. I've got an image as a background, a navigation bar (a movie clip), and have made each word in the nav bar a button which leads to a different scene. I've also created a contained scene that simply fades the alpha of the background image so that you can read any text I put on top of it, which I call Fade. So here's my question: Is there script that I can assign to each button, so that it goes to the Fade scene first and then goes to the scene i've made for that button?

      For example, if I hit the News button, it goes to the Fade scene then on to the News scene. Or Contact Us, it goes to Fade, then goes to Contact Us scene. Rather simple, I'm sure, for someone who knows this inside out, but I don't know where to find info like this in the book I'm reading on AS. I'm using Actionscript 2.0 just because it seems easier to grasp for me right now.

      Thanks in advance,