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    Catalog Naming - Glitch?

    JSAP Level 1



      I'm experiencing a recent issue where upon saving a new catalog name in this naming convention:


      03.09.17_New_catalog_name [example]


      Lightroom will now only write this much as the catalog file name:




      Basically truncating the whole naming convention to just that.


      It used to work just fine but since some of the recent updates I'm now experiencing this issue.


      Any ideas what might be causing this issue?

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          Bob Somrak Level 6

          Quit using PERIODS in your file names and it will work.

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            JSAP Level 1

            It's not that easy Bob.


            I have been doing this for years now, it's part of a naming convention used in a larger workflow.


            I manage thousands of images in catalogs that are organized using dates they were produced using periods and only recently did this function stop working.


            Thanks in advance to anyone else with other advice?



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              Bob Somrak Level 6

              You might have to change your naming convention if you want to keep using Lightroom as there are other reports that this has changed in the latest versions of Lightroom.  See here

              Lightroom CC 2015.8 or finder cuts off my catalog name


              If you avoid using .  / ; : \ * ? < > = + ^ [ ] at a minimum and maybe a few others to you won't have these kind of problems.


              As a side question, do you actually have separate catalogs for each date?  Lightroom is designed to work very well with just one catalog or maybe a few for specific purposes.


              You could propose a change to the previous behavior here      Photoshop Lightroom | Photoshop Family Customer Community     Adobe employees supposedly monitor that forum.

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                JSAP Level 1

                Will I have to change though? -I'm surely hoping not.


                Thanks for the link to the other post regarding the same issue. I smirked a little seeing your same initial response.


                Of course if I avoid using characters I can potentially run into less issues... I put a condom on and she's less likely to get pregnant as well too.


                But we as a species been doing it for years man! Haha I'm talking about using .'s and /'s to distinguish dates not the other subject matter.


                It's common in so many other conventions like passwords defining the latest social trends.


                And with the variability of OS's and updates things get wonky and out of whack no doubt.


                But let's not get complacent with the weird man. This is a glitch right? I think we can all agree? --That other guy can for sure.


                This is a professional tool we all use to produce and manage our content, in our professional jobs homie. And if one of these tools breaks, there surely must be a fix.


                If no one has an answer here, that's okay. I'm adaptable and found just recently that when I rename the files back to the way I need them to be named, after the program initially writes them in finder... Then relaunch that newly named lrcat file... voila! all is then well in the universe.


                But I don't want to do this either. I shouldn't have to right? It's more work. More time. More MONEY. -In some very fractional way at least...


                But yo dawg I'll surely ask Adobe to stand up on this matter. I also encourage you, and everyone else who is and isn't affected by this matter as well. Don't get soft on me now.


                Let's make Lightroom great again in 2017!




                p.s. The master catalog concept became way to cumbersome and clunky over time, especially with the volume of imagery. In addition to the fact that all your eggs are in one basket. When it broke on me, I wept. When issues that do arise (and they honestly rarely do, save the one ^^^) it's isolated to just one catalog, and it's much easier to manage just that one problem. It's also shareable with colleagues and catalogs are intentionally partitioned this way. You can make some sense of this approach yeah?